The aim of MURE project is to provide answers in order to make multi-recycling of warm mix asphalt an industrial process, mastered and practiced, prescribed and encouraged.


pnmure_roadMURE project takes into account the different aspects of the subject: from the mixture of binders (bitumen from RAP and added bitumen) observed at the micrometer scale until the analysis of the life cycle described at the macroscopic scale. Improvements of professional practices are also taken into account. Scientist tasks are treated in the subproject called IMPROVMURE financed by ANR (the French National Research Agency).

Experimental conditions, recycling rates (between 30 and 40%) and types of warm techniques (foam and additives) take into account the capacity of plants currently installed in France. Thus the findings of the project will be implemented without disrupting existing equipment. The maintenance of specific infrastructures with important traffic (motorways or expressways for example), assumes control of the very high recycling rate (70%). This issue is also addressed.


  • Development of an industrial accelerated ageing process
  • Pilot Worksites that simulate three maintenance cycles
  • In-service properties and technical characteristics of the laid materials
  • Production of specimens and data for the IMPROVMURE project
  • Evaluation of sustainability
  • Socio-economic acceptability
  • Health and environmental aspects
  • Dissemination of results throughout the project to encourage interaction.


Diagram of a demonstrator that simulates three maintenance cycles:

  • Laying of mixes that contain 40 or 70% of Recycled Asphalt Pavement RAP0
  • Milling and production of RAP1 by accelerated ageing
  • Milling and Production of RAP2
  • Milling and Production of RAP3

 300 m, 3 test strips, 3 pavement life cycles.



  • Continued development of warm mixes without stopping recycling
  • Attainment of the objectives of the Voluntary Commitment Agreement
  • Increase the confidence of all stakeholders with regard to the ability of multi-recycled mixes to perform their functions
  • Improved public image for the profession